Culture and Religion


Topic: Culture of religion
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Use the following scenario as a basis for this assessment:

Imagine that you attend a Christian church in California and have been asked by your minister to lead a trip to one of the countries in Southeast Asia (listed below) to study one of its non-Christian dominant religions. The minister wants this to be an educational experience, not a missionary one, so the group is planning to focus on learning about another religion, not converting its adherents.

Choose a religion that is prevalent in one of the following countries:


Complete each of the following two parts.

Part 1 – Promotional Brochure

Create a promotional brochure or Web page (consider using an MS Word or other kind of template to jumpstart the process) highlighting aspects of the trip. Include:
•A basic description of the religion that minimally includes its tenets, history, geographical footprint, and adherents.
•A personal note from you, the tour leader, on why you think this trip is important and what about it intrigues you. This is meant to be a personal appeal designed to capture the imagination of potential travelers. Be creative and enthusiastic.
•An itinerary that includes events that focus on two examples from each of the following areas of study.
– The Sacred – What you will see in terms of sacred spaces?
– Include two sacred places to be visited (for example, a Buddhist temple in Chaing Mai).
– Articulate why these places are sacred.

-Mythology – What you will hear in terms of mythology?
-Describe two myths associated with the religion.
-Include two possible types of speakers or guides that talk about the religion’s mythical aspects (for example, a local storyteller, scholar, or religious guide; include their qualifications or why they were chosen).

-Ritual – What you will experience in terms of ritual?
-Include a brief background on two rituals observed by the religion that you will experience.
-Describe the rituals and their meaning to those that practice them.

Notes for Part 1:
•You do not need to include precise logistical details such as cost, airfare, contacts, et cetera that you might normally see in a promotional brochure. Concentrate on the “journey in the destination.”
•Feel free to be creative in your design. If you include images, make sure you include the proper credits where applicable.

Part 2 – Culture and Religion Workshop

To prepare travelers for the trip, plan a workshop to educate them on the interplay of Christianity, your chosen religion, and globalism. Write a workshop program of 1600+ words that summarizes each of the workshop sessions as outlined below:

Session 1: An Introduction

Provide an introduction of your chosen religion, including its:
•History and expansion.
•Basic beliefs.
•Current issues associated with globalism; for example: poverty and wealth, ecological issues, women’s rights, et cetera.

Session 2: Relationship of Culture and Its Religion
•How culture and religion reflect one another.
•Divergence of culture from religion.

Session 3: Comparing Myth, Ritual, and the Sacred With Christianity
•Discuss three similarities and differences of myth, ritual, and the sacred, when compared with Christianity