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Topic: Science and Technology
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For this assignment, you would need to look at the interdependence between science and technology by learning more about a biotechnology that is crucial to the modern world such as feeding a growing world population, fighting disease, developing new fuels, or cleaning up the environment.
Select one specific biotechnology that you are interested in learning more about (it can be a broad category such as one type of cloning, or more focused such as a specific product or diagnostic test). Once you have selected the biotechnology, then address the following:

1 – Explain the difference between science and technology.

2 – What biotechnology did you select? Explain what it is and how it is used.

3- Identify and describe two scientific discoveries that had to take place before your selected biotechnology could be developed.(e.g., before cell phones could be developed, many scientific discoveries had to be made and be understood including electricity, electromagnetic waves, and the electrochemistry of batteries).

4- When and how did the discoveries that you described take place?

5- Identify and describe two technologies that had to exist before your selected biotechnology could be developed (e.g., before cell phones could be developed, many technological advances had to occur first including batteries, electric circuit boards, receivers, speakers, and satellites).

6- How long have the technologies that you described existed?

7- Scientific discovery provides society with knowledge. It is up to society to decide what to do with that knowledge by pursuing some technologies and by refusing to develop others. Identify and discuss two positives and two negatives of biotechnological advances.
Are there any biotechnologies that you think should not be pursued? Explain your answer.

Helpful links about biotechnology. Please review.

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Writing Expectations:
At least 1200 words not counting the title or reference pages.
Include a title page, double space, font size 10 or 12.
Use a minimum of five sources
Include a highly developed viewpoint/thesis, purpose, and exceptional content.
Free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
Use the APA style for all citations.
Be original and insightful with no more than 10{ba60b413e9fe87a23b132af7dbdbe28ad9defe2f21c57e65ce3d230756c0d44a} taken verbatim from any outside sources.